The default fonts aren't crisp on LCD screens

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The default fonts for Trisquel's interface currently are Droid. Although the Droid fonts are nice, they don't look crisp on LCD screens. Fonts such as DejaVu, Liberation and Ubuntu look much crisper and are more easy on the eyes, especially for small text.

I propose the DejaVu fonts to be set as the default ones for Trisquel's interface because they are crisp. Also, they are more easy on the eyes than Liberation and Ubuntu, and the Cyrillic letters also look better.

Sáb, 03/17/2012 - 13:45

Here is a comparison:

The DejaVu fonts look better to me, although its hard see or explain why they are better, if you stare at the images too much – it's more noticeable when you just glance at the text.

On the other hand, if you stare at the word "Places" you may notice that the Droid's letter "l" has a slight shadow on the right side, while with DejaVu it looks like a perfect line. In GIMP one can double check that the right side of the Droid's letter "l" definitely is darker than the DejaVu's. Things like this are probably the reason why I find the DejaVu fonts crisper and easier on the eyes.

Mar, 10/04/2016 - 00:34
Versión:» 6.0

Did you try this:
Go to System settings | Tweak tool | Fonts | Antialiasing = NONE
This should crisp up your fonts!

Please note that some applications have their own individual settings, ie, Libreoffice (for Writer, go to Tools | Options | View, and there are two checkboxes about antialiasing).

It is annoying for me, too.

As for Windows, it has font smoothing which blurs it and they have "cleartype" to clear it up again... :P

[last user somehow set trisquel version=none, or none was acceptable at that time. but it will not let me submit this answer without changing it, judging by the date it is not ver7. so my suggestion may not be valid. Because ver7 was not very clear to me, the problem(for some people) obviously still remains]