increase font size

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Fonts have always been very small in Trisquel, but they are even getting smaller from release to release.

I would suggest the following settings:

org - gnome - desktop - interface - font-name: Sans 10
org - gnome - desktop - interface - monospace-font-name: Monospace 10
org - gnome - desktop - interface - document-font-name: Serif 10

Mar, 03/20/2012 - 23:05

The suggested font sizes from the development page are also ok:

"Potentially test Droid Sans 9 for Default font, Droid Serif 9 for Document font, Droid Sans Mono 9 for Monospace font, and Droid Sans Bold 9 for Window title font. Desktop font may also look better unbolded and Droid Sans 9 or 10."