Users do not have permissions to mark issues as "fixed" even if they reported the issue.

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I found out that a bug I was having got fixed in a recent round of updates:

I selected status: 'close' since 'fixed' was not available, and I thought it was a close approximation. Selecting that option hid the issue from the issue tracker and the list of 'my issues'.

If you don't want people to mark their own issues as resolved, maybe it doesn't make sense for the 'closed' option to be there either.

Mié, 06/20/2012 - 09:25

Ok you bring up 2 issues.

The first one is not really an issue. Once a issue is closed it is hidden because it is no longer considedered "active" but can still be viewed in the "advanced search" section of the issue tracker. Once an issue has been resolved it should be marked as "fixed" and then it has two weeks for others to comment. After those 2 weeks if no one protests it is automatically closed in the system and considered resolved. That is why it is hidden. We only want the main page of the issue tracker to show active bugs/issues. There is no point in clogging it up with old fixed issues. So basically issue you bring up here is by design and won't be changed.

The second issue you bring up is if a user can mark their own bug as fixed or not. Are you not able to mark your own bugs as fixed? I have admin status so I can mark all bugs as fixed so I can't tell. Users should be able to mark their own bugs as "fixed". If you are not able to that is an issue.

I have marked your bug as "fixed" status which will give people 2 weeks to comment on it or raise issues if they are still experiencing the issue and then after 2 weeks it will be automatically closed.

Jue, 06/21/2012 - 04:16

Ok, that makes sense on point one.

However I cannot mark this issue as 'fixed'. These are the options (under Status):

patch (needs review)
patch (needs work)
patch (ready)
can't reproduce
needs more info

Jue, 06/21/2012 - 05:41
Título:'close issue' hides the issue. also, 'fixed' option was not available for an issue report.» Users do not have permissions to mark issues as "fixed" even if they reported the issue.

Ok, then I hope you don't mind I am going to alter the title of this issue a little bit to better reflect the issue.