[broken-dependency] LottaNZB

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LottaNZB doesn't list SABnzbd as a dependency, but on launch it shows this in the LottaNZB settings: "SABnzbd - The program required for downloading could not be found. Install it and specify where it is."

SABnzbd is in the Ubuntu repos by default. Is there a reason why SABnzbd isn't in the Trisquel repos (it is GPLv2 last I checked)? If there is a valid license problem regarding SABnbzd, then LottaNZB should not be in the Trisquel repos either, as it is useless without downloading SABnzbd. Having LottaNZB there promotes use of SABnzbd.

Either SABnzbd should be added to the Trisquel repos and added to LottaNZB's dependences, or LottaNZB should be removed.

Jue, 12/06/2012 - 19:44

The package sabnzbdplus is not in Trisquel because it is in Debian's contrib repo which leads to it being in Ubuntu's multiverse repo (non-free). This most likely means the package sabnzbdplus has a non-free dependency. If that is in fact the case lottanzb should probably be removed.

Jue, 12/06/2012 - 20:14
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