Strange behavior of gnome-panel applets

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this is a bug I can't describe appropriately. I attached an .ogv video compressed in a .xz, recorded with recordmydesktop.

It shows the menus which appear in the applet indicator "popping far up" before getting into the right position. It happens both within a VM in a computer where the Nvidia card is not full supported by nouveau and within a notebook with full Intel video support.

gnome-panel_task_menus_bug.ogv_.xz356.15 KB
Jue, 12/13/2012 - 02:54

I could test this with 2 laptops (one with Intel and one with nVidia), but this bug doesn't seem so "ugly" on my laptops... What it seems to happen, is that, when you switch from the first widget to the second one, the second is appears before the first one is removed and this is why it is on top, after a few miliseconds the first one is removed making the second one drop into his respective place.

Here it is much faster than on the video this is why I didn't noticed it before. So the problem should be in the notification applet (since starting from Trisquel 6.0, if I'm not wrong, all the notifications are into a single place and not separate like they where in the past).

I will try to see if this is the case, and if it is then I will assign it to me until I found a solution for this.

PS: Please remember to update Trisquel 6.0 if you haven't done it yet since it isn't already the final version of it. And if the problem is solved don't forget to mark as solved.