Trisquel theme shouldn't have the 1px border on the windows

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Hello Everyone,

I am facing an annoying bug that seems to have made his appearance in Trisquel 6.0 (don't remember this in Trisquel 5.5).

When a window (like Abrowser) is fully maximize you can't just grab the mouse (quickly) into the left or the right of the screen and then clique to scroll (for example in the right side of Abrowser), because instead of scrolling you are selecting the window itself so you start moving the window (unmaximized of course).

This could be solve by simply remove the 1px border on the window (at least the left and right one... even if I found the bottom border annoying to the eye it is not very important since it doesn't get in the way when you are trying to work).

PS: This happens the same way on Gtk2 and Gtk3 windows.

Mar, 12/18/2012 - 09:02

I haven't yet had the opportunity to try 6.0 but if there indeed is such a 1px border, I agree it needs to go as it impedes my workflow too.