Colour of text on start screen is nearly unreadable

Proyecto:Trisquel mini
Componente:User interface
Categoría:informe de fallo
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Trisquel mini Version: 5.5 (it is not possible to choose it through the drop-down list, but I must choose a version)

I really like the Start screen of Trisquel mini 5.5, but the colour of the text ("user" and "password") on the left side of the the Inputbox is nearly unreadable. I think changing the colour of the text to white and make it bold would solve the problem.

Sáb, 11/12/2016 - 07:47
Iam not trying to spam this system, however I think I may know what is going on here. please read the above post and simply reply to it OR my comment and when I can I will respond with any further info I've found. These problems don't just occur on linux, but are repeatable on Windows xp--10. some are related to a serious lack of communication or cooperation between linux distros where your WM, DM, DE, or login manager comes from, Hello! Even on Windows, using a non-standard 'accessibility feature' like high-contrast fonts, is never universally applicable. There will always seem to be some program that by default either rejects system OS fonts or even 'Requires' their -- inverse??? I can't help you or anyone else yet, except to make the problem more visible (High Contrast)! Maybe someone better than I am can 'carry the torch' to help us all win!