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For quite a while I have been playing with FreeBSD and have had a couple of servers I maintained at home, on the client side I used Mac however I guess it was a right time at the right place my Mac "expired" as the hardware was no longger compatable with the latest OS upgrade. Instead of spending a lot of money on a new Macbook I somehow stumbled apon Ubuntu. After using it for many years the Unity/Amazon spyware was exposed, I then settled on CentOS which served me well until I learnt about the Linux Foundation and all of those big corps who was trying to avoid I suspect shared captured data! I had not learnt about Trisquel from the GNU website where I learnt also about Kernel blobs! I have settled on the mini version of Trisquel thats suitabvle for my 10 year old machines as well as newer ones. Keep up the good work!


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