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IssueError when opening Redshift (MacBook Pro 9.1) GrevenGull1Hace 5 días 23 horas
Issueblack screen after installation via text installer chaosmonk3Hace 5 días 23 horas
IssueUnable to install YouTube Browser for SMPlayer GrevenGull2Hace 5 días 23 horas
IssueAbrowser lists Amazon, Twitter and Google as suggestions to default search engine. GrevenGull1Hace 5 días 23 horas
IssueRequesting more options for the "Popup Notifications" GrevenGull3Hace 6 días 4 horas
Issuevarious browsers guide users toward proprietary JavaScript chaosmonk4Hace 6 días 4 horas
IssueUbuntu Browser crashes at startup GrevenGull3Hace 6 días 6 horas
IssueRekonq browser crashed at startup GrevenGull2Hace 6 días 8 horas
Forum TopicWhat's wrong with Lineage OS, if there is any? GrevenGull20Hace 15 semanas 6 días
Forum TopicHow to get black font on the names of items on the desktop wallpaper/background? GrevenGull1Hace 22 semanas 5 días
Forum Topicyoutube-dl error: "WARNING: unable to download video info webpage: HTTP Error 404: Not Found" GrevenGull12Hace 28 semanas 12 horas
Forum TopicHave you had any sort of experience with any version of Trisquel and a gaming motherboard? Bubo19Hace 31 semanas 3 días
Forum TopicAMD and libre drivers lanun18Hace 32 semanas 3 días
Forum TopicWhat does the hardware switch labeled "1" and "2" on the PCB of my GPU do? GrevenGull11Hace 36 semanas 3 días
Forum TopicNew Laptop Thread! GrevenGull10Hace 36 semanas 5 días
Forum TopicJami vs Wire vs other programs like that GrevenGull18Hace 37 semanas 2 días
Forum TopicAny updates on Trisquel compatibility with Raptor Computing? GrevenGull3Hace 48 semanas 3 días
Forum Topicthe FSF giving guide guides users toward non-free software chaosmonk53Hace 51 semanas 3 horas
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Forum TopicSwisscows private internet search engine andyprough11Hace 1 año 1 semana
Forum TopicSD card reader GrevenGull0Hace 1 año 1 semana
Forum TopicQuestions about PocketCHIP GrevenGull3Hace 1 año 1 semana
Forum TopicTips for live streaming GrevenGull14Hace 1 año 2 semanas
Forum TopicWhere to find "process log files"? GrevenGull2Hace 1 año 11 semanas
Forum TopicRhythmbox (or another program) to list audio files by file name GrevenGull3Hace 1 año 13 semanas