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Forum TopicOpenStreetMap online services alternate to nonfree Google My Maps? gd_scania15Hace 3 años 46 semanas
Forum TopicFSF-endorsed social networks? Discourse, Disroot, GNUsocial, LibrePlanet, Mastodon ... else? gd_scania28Hace 3 años 49 semanas
Forum TopicMemtest86 OK, smartctl OK, kern.log points to Nouveau hack and hack4Hace 3 años 49 semanas
Forum TopicELI5 request: "how bad" is it to play a Windows based game inside a VM on a free OS? GrevenGull8Hace 3 años 51 semanas
Forum TopicCool software I discovered hack and hack1Hace 3 años 52 semanas
Forum TopicInvidio.us - youtube redirect site, AGPLv3, no JS required andyprough55Hace 4 años 4 semanas
Forum TopicYet another Music Thread only good stuff allowed. SuperTramp8334Hace 4 años 7 semanas
Forum TopicWhat is your favourite login manager? gd_scania17Hace 4 años 7 semanas
Forum TopicFree software office suites smaller than LibreOffice? gd_scania21Hace 4 años 7 semanas
Forum Topicdo you know the necunos.com phone? tonlee9Hace 4 años 7 semanas
Forum TopicEMACS Wizard grimlok6Hace 4 años 7 semanas
Forum TopicSimple way to enable MTP file transfer on Galaxy S2 (Replicant 6.0 0003)? hack and hack1Hace 4 años 8 semanas
Forum TopicIs Nonfree Software the Cause of Computer/Internet Addiction? cochranizer13Hace 4 años 9 semanas
Forum TopicMobile Devices Respecting Software Freedom (follow-up) hack and hack7Hace 4 años 10 semanas
Forum TopicTesting voice calling apps on Trisquel strypey5Hace 4 años 10 semanas
Forum TopicDon't Kill Our Community jxself11Hace 4 años 10 semanas
Forum TopicWinFF for Rockbox : file size doubled hack and hack3Hace 4 años 10 semanas
Forum TopicMinimal Installation Jack Flitton3Hace 4 años 12 semanas
Forum TopicWi-Fi disconnecting very often hack and hack2Hace 4 años 12 semanas
Forum TopicWi-Fi : listed in lsusb, ath9K installed, jxself linux-libre installed hack and hack11Hace 4 años 14 semanas
Forum TopicFresh install without erasing data of external drive hack and hack5Hace 4 años 15 semanas
Forum TopicLast resort : SSD partly detected hack and hack0Hace 4 años 16 semanas
IncidenciaThe addons list needs some lovin' lembas18Hace 4 años 28 semanas
Forum TopicTechnoethical T400s now available Technoethical162Hace 5 años 3 días
Forum TopicPurism working on libre phone martinh48Hace 5 años 6 semanas