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For me to enjoy freedom, I must allow you to be free!

Computers are simple tools that, when used correctly, have proven to be as useful as other tools such as a library, typewriter, and telephone. My first experience with computers was 1973 running unix. Things have changed since those days! :)

Live Free & Do Good Things!
FSF member since 2013

--- Helpful Links ---

Secure Email, chat, and VPN services:
Riseup -

Hosting, email, and privacy services:
ProtectMyPrivacy - (USA)
NearlyFreeSpeech - (USA)
Startmail - (The Netherlands)
Crytohippie - (Republic of Panama)
Neobox - (Switzerland)
Swissmail - (Switzerland)

Audio/Video/Music software:
Audacious -
Asunder CD ripper -
Exaile - Audio -
XFburn -
gMusicBrowser -
Sound Juicer -
GNU Denemo -
GNU Lilypond -
GNU Solfege -
Youtube-dl -
Youtube-dl-gui - - This is one of the most useful programs I've ever installed. It can download most embedded audio and video the web - no cookies or javascript needed!

Audio/Video websites:
Magnatune -
BayouTunes - in development
gNewTube - in development

GNU Icecat - ESR version based on Mozilla Firefox - download page - Icecat addons

Dillo - fast and lightweight freedom respecting FLTK browser - Why I like Dillo

Pale Moon for GNU/Linux - pre-Australis platform - "Your browser, Your way"

GNU Privacy Handbook

The Jargon File - Hacker History and Techspeak

Speedtest Sites

Browser fingerprint check

World Wide Web Consortium - standards for web design and coding.
W3C -

How to discover your hardware using terminal commands
H-node -

DNS Leak test - Check the nameserver(s) that have access to your info and can compile a database of your online activities.

Alternative DNS services instead of using your ISP nameservers.
OpenNIC -
Chaos Computer Club -
FreeDNS servers in Vienna, Austria. Free with no logging -

GNU/Linux distribution timeline page that shows the history of most Unix-like operating systems.

Chart showing history of Unix and unix-like systems from 1970s - today

IP Lookup Services with info and/or a map of your online IP location.

IP Check - data your browser sends
JonDo -

Reference Guides & Tutorials

The Linux Information Project

UFW simple firewall settings

USB flash drive creation - video showing how


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