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Forum TopicIs Icecat in the latest Trisquel Mini completely broken for anyone else? (Bugged menus and crap rendering) northernarcher2Hace 1 año 1 semana
Forum TopicLibreboot X200 and X200 Tablet prices on reduced libreleah2Hace 1 año 1 semana
Forum TopicQuick question: How do I make Trisquel mini lock the screen/session when I close my laptop? northernarcher2Hace 1 año 6 semanas
Forum TopicIcecat seems very outdated, what browser *should* one be using? northernarcher25Hace 1 año 6 semanas
Forum TopicQuestions About Keepassxc, VeraCrypt, ZuluCrypt and Some Others skatman37Hace 1 año 6 semanas
Forum TopicCPU coil whine on T400s GNUbahn6Hace 1 año 6 semanas
Forum TopicWhat Jabber client do you all use with Trisquel and Trisquel mini? northernarcher7Hace 1 año 9 semanas
Forum Topiclocal installation of icecat/tor-browser executable tarball chaosmonk11Hace 1 año 10 semanas
Forum TopicWifi disabled and applet not responding after waking from sleep in Trisquel 8 Mini on Thinkpad X60. northernarcher3Hace 1 año 12 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser update issues ChanceH19Hace 1 año 26 semanas
Forum Topic"Wifi is disabled" permanently on fresh install of Trisquel Mini on Librebooted Thinkpad X60. northernarcher13Hace 1 año 28 semanas
Forum TopicError: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. northernarcher4Hace 1 año 29 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser gives "Invlaid ELF header" error after reboot. northernarcher1Hace 1 año 31 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel just died on my Libreboot X60, I only get a busybox promt. fsck does not work this time. Please help me. northernarcher8Hace 1 año 48 semanas
Forum TopicMinifree now selling libre routers with libreCMC preinstalled :) libreleah5Hace 1 año 49 semanas
Forum TopicJMP-compatible Gajim calher8Hace 2 años 9 semanas
Forum TopicBug in Pidgeon with rendezvous protocol. northernarcher2Hace 2 años 21 semanas
Forum TopicScreen turns black when logging in after using Brasero GrevenGull2Hace 2 años 21 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel just died on my Libre oot X60, abrowser would not start so I tried to reboot but it won't go past a busybox promt. northernarcher8Hace 2 años 21 semanas
Forum TopicHow do I install Electrum in Trisquel 8? northernarcher3Hace 2 años 47 semanas
Forum TopicLibreboot T400 on Minifree reduces in price once again libreleah73Hace 3 años 8 semanas
Forum Topicdo you use tox? tonlee14Hace 3 años 11 semanas
Forum TopicIntroducing Tangomon - Educational Monster Battling Game onpon45Hace 3 años 14 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel 8 on Libreboot X60: : "error: file 'vmlinuz' failed to load. northernarcher6Hace 3 años 14 semanas
Forum TopicNo wifi detected, gtk settings reset and I cannot connect external drives after update. northernarcher9Hace 3 años 14 semanas