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I have an forum account now.

I like Trisquel and really like that it can be installed off-line.
I like Trisquel's graphical installer. It is very easy to use.
If there are any problems with any Trisquel update, I know I can still use a live flash drive or DVD to install than update at a later time, seeing I do not need an internet connection.
Though I think I only had problems if I installed too many programs at one time.
I have been using Trisquel since Trisquel 8.

I used Debian before, but may have found a non-floss city building game in Debian main.

It was not even following Debian's policy. I think it was under an "Artistic license" which may still have been a non-floss license, but may have had a screenshot of it's main screen showing it was not following Debian's policy back in 9.6.0 of Debian, I think.

And this was before Debian switched to even more problematic licensed software.

I had an "ouch" Windows 8 before I very enjoyable deleted the "Windows virus like/virus" system, with Debian at that time, though did not use Windows online, thought I deleted the BIOS also but found out I may not have when installing Trisquel.

I did not like how I could not have the freedom to change even the "charms" bar's name, so I did not even like to use that "Loss-of-freedom-dows" off-line.


May have information about how to change the BIOS, though till I find out how to do that, hopefully quickly, I can update some at a time with a "freedom ladder"


I think I also found Gnu/Linux with an "still ouch" "Apple iPod touch" that I do not even use now. Glad it let me at that time at least look at floss things.


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