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I've been using computers since the days of punch cards, which makes me an old gaffer. Had a Commodore 64 when they first came out and the one before that but I can't remember the name of it. I just know I had to send two of them back because they were defective. I remember the days when 640K RAM was considered the theoretical RAM limit and a 5 MB hard disk was cutting edge tech. I bought one of the original IBM ATs from their run of about 250,000 - which they figured was all they could sell into this soon to be forgotten PC fad. I never liked Gates or the OS he butchered, but you had to use them at work because MS DOS and then Windows was the Gorilla. I've been using variations of Unix at home for the past 20 years, settling on Ubuntu aqs my memory and patience for terminal commands started to wane. I just bought a rebuild from the Ministry of Freedom at minifree.org with the libreboot bios and Trisquel 9.0 OS. They seemed like an outfit I wanted to support and encourage but I'm back to learning a new GUI and how to work around idiosyncrasies of a new setup. Beats sitting around reading about how screwed up the world is getting! I look forward to reading the posts in the forums and enjoying the enthusiasm and sharp thinking of young minds working to build new tools. Man the builder is man at his best. If anyone takes offence to my use of "man", don't bother, my wife is the best problem solver I ever met and she and all her kind are included in that appellation.


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