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Forum TopicMaps keeps crashing prospero24Hace 5 horas 50 mins
Forum TopicHello from new Trisquel user! Monika05PL8Hace 3 días 18 mins
Forum TopicPlease help setup a standalone USB printer (plug-and-play?) Sunny Day28Hace 4 días 14 horas
Forum TopicPlease help setup a standalone USB printer (plug-and-play?) Sunny Day0Hace 1 semana 21 horas
Forum TopicCensored Libreboot c20230710 released (FSF-friendly spin-off. 100% Free Software, zero blobs) libreleah18Hace 2 semanas 6 días
Forum TopicTrisquel running a desktop or window manager with lowest memory usage andyprough40Hace 3 semanas 3 días
Forum TopicSlackware Geshmy52Hace 5 semanas 3 días
Forum TopicTrisquel 12 Needs A Name jxself27Hace 5 semanas 3 días
Forum TopicHaving trouble using Synaptic Package Manager to install marked listing from saved file hi-from-mike7Hace 7 semanas 4 días
Forum TopicLibreboot 20230625 released libreleah13Hace 9 semanas 6 días
Forum TopicNo-microcode ROMs available in next Libreboot release (new stable release soon!) libreleah20Hace 12 semanas 1 día
Forum TopicFixing your posture! Hikaru26Hace 12 semanas 4 días
Forum TopicA fresh Trisquel Mini 11 Aramo install and xserver-xorg-input-synaptics prospero15Hace 17 semanas 1 día
Forum TopicHelp!! Is there a way to restore/reset permissions to default? Sunny Day45Hace 18 semanas 4 días
Forum TopicTrisquel 11 battery indicator: words were nice in the previous version jfw0118Hace 21 semanas 2 días
Forum TopicUpgrade to Trisquel 10 or 11 ? iceburn27Hace 22 semanas 4 días
Forum TopicTrisquel 11 Is Released jxself35Hace 24 semanas 1 día
Forum TopicConverting an old machine to GNU/Linux (from fruit to freedom) Sunny Day42Hace 28 semanas 4 días
Forum TopicCould I free a Mac Pro 5,1 (2010) by converting it to GNU/Linux? Sunny Day1Hace 29 semanas 4 días
Forum TopicUnallocated space on SSD for OS install Hikaru4Hace 30 semanas 4 días
Forum TopicLoving Trisquel Sunny Day29Hace 30 semanas 4 días
Forum TopicHello from a new user! Sunny Day24Hace 34 semanas 5 días