Turn Off the Lights Mini

Hides the page content - except videos and other media - with a simple black overlay. No fancy extras, just lightweight, perfect darkness!

About this Add-on
Turn Off the Lights Mini (formerly Page Dark) covers the webpage with a black screen when you click the toolbar button. Everything except media like videos, frames and Flash objects will be hidden by it. This allows you to watch online videos, play Flash games, etc in a much more enjoyable way.

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This is not the first add-on of its kind, but still unique in a technical way. Currently, we also have Light Switch and Turn Off the Lights (the official "big brother" of this add-on). However, LS hasn't been updated in ages and TOtL is very bulky with its hundreds of extra gadgets. Turn Off the Lights Mini is simply a black overlay and nothing more. Unlike LS and TOtL, TOtL Mini is also made using the SDK, meaning it's restartless and most of its code is maintained by Mozilla for guaranteed compatibility.


click the toolbar button to create the screen
click the button again or click the screen to remove it

Known problems:

incompatible with vimeo.com. I contacted them with an explanation of the issue and a ready-made one-line solution that would only require them to add 5 words to their webpages. Their response boiled down to "we're too lazy to make any changes to our code". If you want this issue to be solved, message their staff and ask them to implement the TOtL API.

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Turn Off the Lights Mini