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Masaru Suzuqi
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We were talking about drop-in. My friend said that "I was under the impression that drop-in is accepted in Kugenuma". That was a joke. I have been dropped-in "six waves" continuously at Kugenuma. "Six" waves.
Recently I made a work about drop-in. There are two embankments at the river mouse of Kugenuma. There is a warning sign on the embankment and it is written like "WARNING STRONG CURRENT AROUND THE MOUTH". I rewrote the warning to like "ONE PUNCH OR ONE MILLION FOR ONE DROP-IN". Somehow that work was not favourably received by another my friend.
I would like to reconsider well about drop-in. Personally I do not do that unless I am done. Of course probably I have done a lot of time when I was a super beginner but there seems to be a lot of "prisoners of conscience" who pretend to be "innocent". Especially I have kind of a feminine face and I am small. There is no person who picks a fight against a man obviously looks like a member of the Mafia.
Kamakura has a lot of leaf breaks. Kamakura is near Kugenuma. The locals tend to do drop-in easily if the surfer was a visitor. It would keep order, I understand it, but I am not a bit sure about it, too.
I would like to hear your opinion about drop-in. And if you have a good idea for the "warning", please tell me. I would rewrite the "warning" if I liked it. I want to punch them in the face. Personally I think that it is acceptable only when you were dropped-in by the shit.
I think I just want to do surfing in a good mood, though. I don't want to be mad in the sea. There are many idiots who bring ugly malice and spread it over the sea pretending to be "innocent". **** off.