jami - intermittent problem "unjoinable peer" transferring photos

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Question: is anyone else getting "unjoinable peer" problem when sending photos using jami and does anyone have suggestion for resolving it?

I am generally happy with jami for video calls, messaging and voice calls. I think its great and I would recommend it. I would just comment that it has been occasionally glitchy - in particular I have had only occasional success exchanging photographs.

I'm hoping that this is something which can be fixed. I get the message "unjoinable peer" quite often when trying to send a photo. I've recently had this message when sending from Android to Android, from Android to Trisquel and also from Trisquel to Android. Only occasionally has the photo transferred successfully. I don't believe the problem is due to file size (>1.5 Mb transferred okay) or due to wifi signal strength which has been medium - high.