Old releases of Trisquel

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Regarding the practice of removing binaries from archive.trisquel.info/trisquel/pool/ - I think this removal is a mistake on the part of the maintainers. Sometimes it's better to be able to install an old unsupported distribution than not to be able to install it at all. Do you want a practical example? 32 bits. My guess is that Etiona release is the last 32-bit one? I assume - following the examples of previous EOL releases - that in a few years time Etiona binaries will be removed from /pool as well? Toutatis (6.0) binaries are already removed. Would it really be so costly to keep these files in the archive? Will the binaries of Belenos (7.0) be removed next?

Another thing - security patches for “Ubuntu ESM”. What about backporting (and deblobing) security updates from upstream's ESM archive? It is free software, no matter what Canonical might say. Could you please consider doing this for at least Flidas (8.0) release?