[GFSD] Legal notice of 'Online Accounts' violates documentation guidelines( for Free Distributions) by FSF.

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1. The legal notice of 'Online Accounts' (Main menu -> System Settings -> Online Accounts) mentions it is provided by Canonical Group Limited (Canonical), the company behind Ubuntu and uses the keyword 'Ubuntu' frequently.

2. Online Accounts collects and stores user's credentials when they enter them in the web authentication dialog and uses them, and authentication cookies, to provide authentication to those online services each time the user access them while using it.

3. According to the legal notice, any trademarks, logos and service marks displayed on Online Accounts are the property of their owners, whether Canonical or third parties.

The above mentioned legal notice is clearly a violation of GNU Free Software Distribution Guidelines; It also makes me to suspect whether the software (Here, 'Online Accounts') is non-free.

I am attaching a screenshot for quick reference.

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