What is Trisquel?

What is Trisquel?

Trisquel is a fully free GNU/Linux based operating system for home users, small enterprises and educational centers.

Donate or become a member

Donate or become a member

Trisquel is a non-profit community driven project, sustained by donations and memberships. You can help make our work sustainable by making a donation, or by becoming an associate member.

In return you will receive a 4GB USB laser engraved Trisquel key, an email alias, a Jabber IM account and other services to  improve your privacy.

Join and help

Join and help

We need your hands, there is a lot to do! No matter if you are a veteran hacker or a newcomer, there are plenty of tasks you can help with:

Trisquel Gift Shop

Trisquel Gift Shop

Get yourself some Trisquel gear and show your support! A donation is made to the project with every purchase, and we have a lot of cool stuff:  shirts, laptop sleeves, mouse pads, mugs, buttons, and even umbrellas!

This is an incremental upgrade release which includes all of the maintenance updates and bugfixes since the publication of Trisquel 6.0. Users that already have 6.0 installed don't need to reinstall. Just use the update manager or apt-get dist-upgrade. The 6.0.1 release comes with several new...

The Trisquel Blog

Trisquel will be present in the OpenEdJAM conference in San Antonio TX  on July 25th to 27th 2014. The conference focus on software, hardware and other resources for a free and open education.

We would be featuring these two talks:

Trisquel 7.0 release, (re)introducing Trisquel EDU

In this talk, the project founder Ruben Rodríguez will explain why the only tools that should be used in a school are those that allow and encourage the students to use, study, improve and share them freely.

As a way to show this idea, we will go through the release of the latest Trisquel version,...

In what has become a tradition we will be present again this year at the FSF's annual conference LibrePlanet, which takes place at the MIT in Cambridge, MA, March 22 and 23.

  • Ruben Rodriguez, Project founder
  • Celebrating one decade of Trisquel GNU/Linux
  • This year is the 10th anniversary of the fully free GNU/Linux distribution Trisquel. We will take a sneak peek of the upcoming 7.0 version "Belenos" and unveil plans for the very near future. These plans will include a renewed effort in...

Following our latest release we started to get some buzz in the internets about it:

In particular the PCWorld piece is a good example on how...

This Saturday 23rd of March at 1:00pm (EDT, UTC-4) at LibrePlanet:

  • The Trisquel project, pushing together to the next level
  • Rubén Rodríguez, Trisquel Project Leader
  • Harvard Science Center in Cambridge, MA.
  • Lecture Hall D

The Trisquel GNU/Linux distribution was born nine years ago as a local college project but soon started to grow into a more general purpose operating system. Since 2008 it has been providing a libre Ubuntu based derivative, and has just published its latest major upgrade. Many challenges lay in the way of making a fully featured and fully free...

Some months ago we set up a Jabber service at the Trisquel servers, and after testing it, we've decided to activate the creation of accounts for all our associate members.

To begin using this service, just point your client of choice to the member.trisquel.info sub-domain, entering the same login and password information you use to access your account at this website.

Don't forget to check SSL access for better privacy (using port 5223), and you're ready! If you have doubts about the XMPP protocol, Jabber or chatting matters in general, our associate member...

Hi, dear Trisquel friends!Trisquel Keychain

Two weeks ago we finally managed to send the first batch of Trisquel USB keys to our associated members. We sent a confirmation email once we had the envelopes ready as we thought that maybe some of you had changed postal address since then. As only about half of the messages sent got replied, we guess people change email addresses as well ;-)

So, if you received the message but thought it was some kind of...

This year's GNOME GUADEC international conference just started today, and will include Trisquel's participation by the hand of its director Rubén Rodriguez, who will give a lightning talk tomorrow 27th and a one hour BoF gathering next monday 30th.

Both events (entitled "The GNOME Desktop in Trisquel, not taking things for granted") will focus on the problems we encountered with our last release regarding GNOME 3x, mainly the requirements for 3D acceleration and how that relates to user freedom. We will try to make some constructive criticism and start a debate with the GNOME community.

Since we started our donating program a year and a half ago, and the membership program a year after that, we already demonstrated what an awesome community we have. We currently have around 30 members and donations keep going up. Thanks so much!

But still, we are very far from our goal of having 100 supporting members before 2012. If you are still not a member, we compel you to join in and help make this project economically self-sustained. And if you are a member, we ask you to brag about it as much as you can! Tell others about the project, ask fellow users to join, write about it in your blogs and social palatforms, be Trisquel ambassadors.

By the way, we will soon be...

SugarWe have a new project, a live -and installable- CD/USB image running the latest Sugar learning platform:

"The award-winning Sugar Learning Platform promotes collaborative learning through Sugar Activities that encourage critical thinking, the heart of a quality education. Designed from the ground up especially for children, Sugar offers an alternative to traditional “office-desktop” software."

This new project will improve the Trisquel Edu system, providing a nice educational environment for first grade students. We hope this will...

PC Actual It seems that Trisquel is getting the attention from the specialized press, as the last issue from the well known magazine PC Actual has just arrived to the streets including for the second time our beloved operating system.

This time the editorial has picked the 2.1 32 bit home version of the distro for the GNU/Linux section of their DVD.

So, there you have just another way of getting your Trisquel copy, enjoy!


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