About fake messages in the Trisquel mailing lists

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Beigetreten: 08/02/2008

Hello! As some of you may have noticed, someone has sent a couple of forged emails to the trisquel-members and trisquel-devel lists, pretending to be the Trisquel project leader Ruben Rodriguez.

Rest assured, Ruben doesn't intend to "terminate his membership" (heh) or "add some suspicious packages as soon as possible". It may be that he (along with an amazing team of contributors) is way too busy for that working on the soon-to-be-released Trisquel 9 (testing images are already available at http://jenkins.trisquel.info/makeiso-etiona/iso/ )

Thanks for your continued support and be sure that our principles stay as solid as ever. And if at some other time you read a supposedly "official" message that sounds too far removed from those principles, please report it via the website contact form or write us at info at trisquel dot info about it.