Web Browser

This is the support and resources repository for the Trisquel web browser, an unbranded Mozilla based browser that never recommends non-free software.


This is a list of libre extensions, themes and translations for the browser. It is a work in progress, we need volunteers to add content to the list. If you want to help, please ask in the forums/mailing lists.
Name Description Screenshots Tags
Show Password If you are not worried about someone looking over your shoulder and seeing your passwords, then you can use this add-on to show the password so you can make sure you typed it correctly. password
Showcase Allows you to manage and preview tabs. Tabs
ShowIP Displays your IP Address in your taskbar IP Address
Sidebar Bookmarks Search Plus Creates a bookmark sidebar Bookmarks
Simple Lorem Ipsum Generator Generates a Lorem Ipsum Text and copies it to clipboard. You can also use ctrl+y as global hotkey. ipsum, lorem, lorem ipsum
Simple Timer Adds a simple timer/clock to the status bar. Clock, simpletimer, Time, Timer
SimplyRead SimplyRead is a simple program to remove unwanted distractions from webpages, in order to better enjoy reading on the web. It removes everything but the article from a webpage, displaying it simply... minimalistic, simple
Single Key Tab Switch Allows for the creation of hotkeys for the navigation between tabs. Tabs
Sir.Community This theme was made for the Sir.Community. community, sir, sunnysir
SKY plus! An extended version of the SKY theme that adds a background image to the toolbar. light blue, sky
Slickerfox Slicker, simpler, simpler, flatter, fuller, foxier theme. To revert the browser to its default tab closer behavior, add this line to your userchrome.css: .tabbrowser-tabs[overflow="true"] .tabbrowser... flat, plain, simple
Slovak dictionary slovak, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking
Slovenian dictionary Dictionary, slovenian, slovensko, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking
Smart HTTPS Automatically changes HTTP addresses to the secure HTTPS, and if loading encounters error, reverts it back to HTTP. Note: HTTPS Everywhere do not have fallback. HTTPS, ssl
Smart Referer Send referers only when staying on the same domain. The check for domain changing is made with the same origin policy. If you disable strict mode it will treat subdomains as same domain. privacy, Referer
SmoothWheel Scrolls the page smoothly when scrolling the mouse wheel (or keyboard arrows if enabled). Why? - Faster navigation within long web pages (dynamic scroll distance). - Less disorientation when... Scrolling
SortPlaces Sorts your bookmarks in a variety of ways. alphabetical, Bookmarks, places, sort, sorting
Spam Control Allows users to automatically enter temporary email addresses when registering for websites. Email, Spam, Temporary
Spanish (Mexico) dictionary español (de méxico), spanish, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking
Spanish (Spain) dictionary español (de españa), spanish, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking
Speed Dial Creates a telephone-like pad of bookmarks to your favorite websites. Direct access to your most visited websites alternative tab catalog, homepage, new tab, new tab page, Speed Dial, 快速拨号
Speed Dial [FVD] FVD Speed Dial - Speed dial button, Online Synchronization, New Tab Start Page, Organize bookmarks, Custom backgrounds, custom dials, organized groups, most visited dials. alternative tab catalog, Bookmarks, chrome speed dial, fast dial, fastfox, fox tab, foxtab, homepage speed dial, new tab, opera speed dial, Personas, power dial, Speed Dial, speed dialer, speeddial
SQLite Manager Manage any SQLite database on your computer. Features include: dialogs for creation, deletion of tables, indexes, views and triggers ability to rename, copy, reindex tables ability to add and... csv, database, sql, xml
Startpage (SSL) Disclaimer: OpenSearch engines must be installed from the addons.mozilla.org project page. Startpage is a search engine that does not collect or share personally identifiable information. This search... OpenSearch engine
StartPage Site Search Similar to Google Site search, but with StartPage you'll get a better level of privacy instead. You can search the current website you are viewing for a specific word or phrase and get the results in... Google, privacy, Search, startpage