Gift store

So, you want to help us improve Trisquel? Now you can buy you a gift and help us collect some funds. You can also give your friends a present to introduce them to our project. For every purchase, some money is donated to Trisquel, so you will help us to continue our job, grow, and produce a better distro. And our gear is also very cool!

We have a growing selection of apparel with several designs and customizable colors and sizes. Clothes, mugs, laptop cases, pins, hats and even umbrellas are available with different designs, all of them carefully selected to meet high quality standards.

Remember that if you want to contribute to the project in a way all the money comes to us you can also use our direct donation form.

Only the best

We don't want you to say "I helped the Trisquel project and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". Even as we do not make the products ourselves -an specialized company does the job for us-, we choose what we offer with care.

The clothes are made with high quality flex/flock printing processes, in which a plastic sheet is cut and iron-pasted to the fabric to achieve a smooth -or velvet-like with flock- surface with sharp edges. This print method is also very durable.

Hacker proof

We don't just sell things, they are special for you! We have laptop neoprene sleeves in 12'' and 15'', glow-in-the-dark t-shirts to look sharp at the lan-party, and mugs to hold your fuel for the long coding nights. We also have more casual clothes to show your love to Trisquel everyday, and even umbrellas and fun miscellanea. Roll your cursor over the image on the right to see it glow!

Request a product or design

We will regularly add new designs and product combinations to the store, but what happens if you want more customization, like a given image on a different product? You can use any of our designs in the Spreadshirt designer platform and still give us the same contribution. But since they use Adobe Flash for the designer service, -and it would require you to use non-free software- you can ask us for a product -e.g. "a two color shirt with the trisquel2 design"- and we will add it to our store for you.

Also we're willing to hear your opinion on the designs and products available at the store, so if you love or hate something in there don't hold back: This gift store, like the whole project, is aimed at its community, so we hope to improve it over time, making the effort as tailor made for you as possible.

Payment, shipping and refunds

Be aware that we do not make or sell the products ourselves, a third party does it and gives us a share of the earnings. They allow payment with credit card or PayPal, and will charge you a small shipping fee. Since every piece sold is custom hand made every time, they do not accept refunds, but if they make a mistake or your product is faulty, they will give you back your money. You can see the complete policy at the store.

Take me to the store!

All the photos in this page are from actual products from the store.