Associate membership program

Our membership program offers freedom enthusiasts worldwide a way to help the development of libre software by funding the Trisquel Project. Being a non-profit organization, Trisquel does not produce any income by itself. Instead, it depends on its community and partners to be sustained. If you want to help ensure the long term viability of the project, we encourage you to join as an associate member now.

Benefits of the membership

As an associate member of the Trisquel project, you will not only be publicly thanked in our website, but you will also receive a series of benefits to allow you to show your support to the project, this way helping to spread the word about the project.

Upon becoming a member you will receive an USB keychain loaded with a live Trisquel image. It can be used to share the system with your family and friends -a great way to kickstart a conversation about freedom and libre software-, and it will save your configurations and files between runs, allowing you to carry a bit of freedom with you everywhere. It can also be set as a cryptographic key, usable as a physical replacement for the login password in your GNU/linux computers.

You will also be given an email alias and a freenode cloak so you can show your support outside our site. We will display a member badge in your profile and forums posts.


The Trisquel membership program is open to everyone in any country, and we understand every member will have a different financial situation, so we prefer that you choose how much do you want to contribute. The suggested fee is 10€/month, with the minimum amount being 5€/month. There is no upper limit, we suggest a 20€/month fee for anyone with a good job. The amount you choose to pay will not be disclosed, and all members will be treated the same.

If the minimum fee of 5€/month is too much for you, we recommend you to give one time donations instead, or help the project in a non-monetary way.


  • We will need an address to send you the welcome gift, you can fill it in the PayPal form or by contacting us. You can also choose not to receive it.
  • If you live in Spain you can ask for the fee to be charged to your bank account without using PayPal or credit card (and without giving any money to them).
  • You can terminate your membership whenever you like.
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