Noia 2.0 (eXtreme)

Highly customizable theme.

    Code for userChrome.css

Dark Noia theme option:

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/Dark.css");

Blue Shade background:

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/blueground.css");

Glass effect for Original Noia:

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/glass.css");

Glass effect for Dark Noia:

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/dark-glass.css");

Rounded Style Menu:

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/new-officexp.css");

Reverse effect toolbar button:

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/reverse.css");

Rounded Tab:

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/round-tab.css");

Cleaner look (no line and border in Toolbar):

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/Cleaner.css");

Purple Bookmark Folder:

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/bookmarkfolder.css");

Aqua style Close button:

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/closebutton.css");

Fix All-in-One Sidebar:

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/AIOS.css");

Fix TabMixPlus extension:

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/TMP.css");

Fix Options window problem(for localized Firefox)
@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/preferwindow.css");

Switch off Active Tab blue color(for ColorfulTabs)
@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/NoTabs.css");

For example, if you want to use Dark Noia theme option with Rounded Tab option, you will need to add this line into the userChrome.css file(located in the Mozilla user profile directory)

@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/Dark.css");
@import url("chrome://browser/skin/subskins/round-tab.css");

If you have this line of code in userChrome.css file...

@namespace url(" http : // www.");

Make sure you add my code above it. If you add my code below this code, it will not work.


Noia 2.0 (eXtreme)
Noia 2.0 (eXtreme)