Orbit classic 2008

Orbit Orange with buttons from Orbit Yellow 2006.

Some may dislike the yellow highlight of the active tab; you can get rid of this yellow highlight of the active tab by adding the following lines:

tab[selected="true"] {background-color: transparent !important;}
tab:hover {background-color: transparent !important;}
tab[selected="true"]:hover {background-color: transparent !important;}

to your userChrome.css (should be located at something like c:\DocumentsAndSettings\YourName\ApplicationData\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default.5is\chrome\userChrome.css; if it doesn't exist yet, you may create it, it's simply a text file). You may also replace "transparent" with any color (in #rrggbb-notation) you like.


Orbit classic 2008
Orbit classic 2008