Referrer Control

This extension allow control Firefox how to send Referer http header.


  • a toolbar button to easy change setting
  • handle third-party request only option
  • seven type of policy
  • custom url-specific rules
  • import/export rule file, support import from RefControl rule file

The default preferences is good enough to make it work in a smart way, that is block the referrer on third-party request only. It is out of the box for protect privacy purpose.

Some servers maybe use referrer to stop bandwidth theft, If your find any page broken, the simplest way is click the button to deactivate the extension, then all the modification will be revoke, just like disable/uninstall the extension.

If it not work as your expect or you like to do a deep custom preferences, please read the project wiki.


Referrer Control
Referrer Control
Referrer Control