Trisquel 2.2 Released

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Trisquel 2.2 Robur is ready for download. It is the third and last
maintenance update for the 2.x LTS branch, which will be supported
until 2013. The 6 ISO images released today -32 and 64 bit for all
three editions- include more than 200 package updates, a new and
cleaner GTK theme, and four new preinstalled languages -the list now
includes English, Basque, Catalonian, Chinese, French, Galician, Hindi,
Portuguese and Spanish-. This language selection matches the one in
Trisquel 3.0, which is almost ready for release.

A renewed download page is on the way -to make better use of the new US
mirror hosted by the FSF-, and a mirror selector was added to the
package manager too. The FSF is also helping us with the documentation,
to make possible their server migration to this release of Trisquel.
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