Leafpad deleting pieces of remote plain text archive after ssh-mounting through PCManFM

Project:Trisquel mini
Category:bug report

Not sure if this issue is still happening or if the description is right, but, posting it just in case, because I think is relevant.

Testing a Trisquel Mini installation on a netbook a couple of months ago I found a problem with leafpad I guess.

1. In the address bar of PCManFM put 'ssh://user@IP' (it mounts a computer in the LAN)
2. Navigate the remote computer and double-click a plain-text file (it opens on leafpad)
3. Edit the file and save (Ctrl+S)
4. The file looses big pieces of content (text in this case)

I can't recall versions of packages or even Trisquel itself, but I think if this is still happening a warning would be desirable.

Sorry for any mistake in the report and thanks a lot for an unbelievable free and awesome light distro as Trisquel Mini is!