Several issues with kubuntu-docs

Category:bug report

There are several issues with this package, which is depended on by triskel-recommended.

1. It should refer to Triskel instead of Kubuntu and Trisquel instead of Ubuntu throughout. This applies to some of the screenshots as well.
2. It should talk about the free software philosophy ("What is Linux?" should be "What is GNU/Linux?")
3. It shouldn't refer to the separation between Main, Restricted, Universe, Multiverse. Trisquel only has a Main repo. Maybe it should also talk about trisquel-backports.
4. It should talk about IceCat instead of Firefox.
5. In Basic/Networking, it gives instructions on installing proprietary drivers using the jockey program that isn't included in Trisquel.
6. It links to (nonexistant?) documentation on installing Steam, which seems out of place even for Kubuntu.
7. It should link to Trisquel forums, mailing lists, IRC channels, wiki, etc.