High Contrast Fonts

Project:Trisquel mini
Component:User interface
Category:support request

I have an OLD school computer, this B*****d is a Dell 4400, Nvidia card, LG cd R/W, CRT screen, floppy disk drive.!.!
I have never found any linux distro whatsoever which supports High Contrast Fonts, either on desktop environment and/or in x widows bash screens.
I have been 'messing around' with linux since 2007 when I first got fed up with 1. programs demanding too much RAM .2. Programs demanding too much CPU. 3. Windows' denying support past 2015 for XP?
I have already tried Ubuntu versions from Lucid Lynx onwards even a Dr.Web recovery disc, slackware distros like 'parted magic', LinuxBBQ based in Debian (allows sampling of MANY linux Window managers), and more recently SliTaz. In most of the above, I could actually never see my x-prompt, except 'Dr. Web'.