general error mounting file systems

Component:Live System
Category:bug report

My trisquel was having problems at boot with mounting file systems... at first it told me it had some problems mounting / and asked me to automate fix or ignore or start command mode... sometimes the automate fix work, sometimes not, so i had to reboot a couple of times until it boot normally...later i had an error saying that i have a general error mounting file systems and asked for a shell maintance... i try to reboot a few times and i had the same error for a few days, then i tried to reinstall trisquel but i had a issue with the partitioning of the HD... later i try to just use the live cd, but the damn thing asked me to log in... dont know how the hell a live cd can ask u to log in... then i tried to boot the system normally and it worked just fine... is like my PC has a damn ghost inside,lol.

im using a AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 940 Processor × 4
Memory : 3.4 GiB