Release announcements

Trisquel 8.0 LTS Flidas

Trisquel 8.0, codename "Flidas" is finally here! This release will be supported with security updates until April 2021. The first thing to acknowledge is that this arrival has been severely delayed, to the point where the next upstream release (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) will soon be published. The good news is that the development of Trisquel 9.0 will start right away, and it should come out closer to the usual release schedule of "6 months after upstream release".

But this is not to say that we shouldn't be excited about Trisquel 8.0, quite the contrary! It comes with many improvements over Trisquel 7.0, and its core components (kernel, graphics drivers, web browser and e-mail client) are fully up to date and will receive continuous upgrades during Flidas' lifetime.

Trisquel 8.0 has benefited from extensive testing, as many people have been using the development versions as their main operating system for some time. On top of that, the Free Software Foundation has been using it to run the Libreplanet conference since last year, and it has been powering all of its new server infrastructure as well!

What's new?

The biggest internal change to the default edition is the switch from GNOME to MATE 1.12. The main reason for this change was that GNOME dropped support for their legacy desktop, which retained the GNOME 2.x user experience and didn't require 3D composition -- a feature that in many computers would still need non-free software to run at full speed. MATE provides a perfect drop-in replacement, it is very light and stable and it retains all the user experience design that we are used to from previous Trisquel releases.

The next most important component is Abrowser 59 (based on Mozilla Firefox), which is not only fully-featured and quite faster than before, it has also been audited and tweaked to maximize the user's privacy without compromising on usability. Abrowser will not start any network connections on its own (most popular web browsers connect for extension updates, telemetry, geolocation and other data-collection as soon as you open them, even if you haven't even typed an address yet!) and it has a list of easy to set, privacy-enhancing settings that the user can opt-in depending on their needs. As a companion to it, and based on Mozilla Thunderbird, the IceDove mail client is also fully updated and set up for privacy.

Trisquel 8.0 also comes with the following preinstalled packages:

  • Linux-libre 4.4 by default, 4.13 available (and newer versions will be published as an optional rolling release)
  • Xorg 7.7 with optional rolling-release updates
  • LibreOffice 5.1.4
  • VLC 2.2.2

Trisquel-mini (the light edition based on LXDE) uses the Midori web browser, Sylpheed email client, Abiword text editor, and GNOME-Mplayer media player as its main preinstalled components. We also have the Trisquel TOAST edition, based on the Sugar learning environment v112, and complete with a selection of educational activities for k12 and beyond. And of course, available from our repositories and mirrors are over 25,000 more free software packages you can run, study, improve and share.

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Release announcement: Trisquel 9.0.1 Etiona security update

Images are available at or directly at and its mirrors.

This minor update to the 9.x "Etiona" series is intended to provide an up to date set of ISO images, both for use as an installation medium and as a live environment with newer packages. This addresses two main security concerns in the 9.0 original ISO images:

Along with those fixes, the release includes any other security update published upstream since we published Etiona, and the latest version of the Mozilla-based "Abrowser" (v93).

These updates will contribute to keep the v9.0 branch in good working order as it will continue to be actively maintained until April 2023.

In other news, the development of Trisquel 10 is ongoing at great pace, with initial ISO images being now available for testing at Please note that these images are not yet   intended for production usage, so use them only for testing and development or (as it is true in any case) at your own risk.


Trisquel 9.0 "Etiona" release announcement, and 10.0 plans

They say that good things come to those who wait, and for this release there has been a lot of waiting but also plenty of good things. Trisquel 9.0, codename "Etiona" is our most polished release yet, thanks to the contribution of a very committed team of volunteers. This release comes in several flavors:

  • MATE desktop, the default. Based on the popular fork of GNOME 2.x, this edition provides a classic desktop environment matching the user experience of previous Trisquel releases.
  • Trisquel Mini, a lightweight version for older machines and netbooks. Based on the LXDE desktop environment and a selection of resource-saving applications to bring new life to your hardware.
  • Triskel, running the KDE environment. Excellent for customizing the design and look in fine detail.
  • Trisquel netinstall image. To deploy with a command-line install interface, ideal for servers and advanced users.
  • Trisquel TOAST, based on the Sugar learning platform. Comes with dozens of educational activities for children.

Despite the longer than usual release time, all packages are fully up to date with long-term-support updates and security patches. The default web browser "Abrowser", our freedom and privacy respecting take on Mozilla's browser, provides the latest updates from upstream for a great browsing experience. Backports provide extended hardware support and other goodies like a newer LibreOffice and many other utilities.

Special thanks (in no particular order, and probably forgetting a few!) to adfeno, Ark74, leny2010, chaosmonk, davidpgil, dctrud, daroal, proninyaroslav, sudoman, a_slacker_here, rms, bill-auger, pabloyoyoista, kpengboy, pikurasa, mtsio, bandali, thomzane, jxself, valessio, DiivaaD, DNS, Eighth_Doctor, iank, fredd, freekurt, aklis, gnutastyc, calher, CharlieBrown, satellit, charh, fvnines, pehjota, and the whole Trisquel community, for your contributions, support, ideas and continuous encouragement.

Give Trisquel 10 a name

The development work for the next release is ready to start, and the first step start building packages is to set a codename. Join the forum/mailing-list to bring suggestions for an inspiring name from the celtic mythology (as is tradition).

New development server

Thanks to the Free Software Foundation, we now have a dedicated development server built on freedom-respecting hardware, ready to start working on Trisquel 10. A beefy 32-core, 128GB RAM machine built on the KGPE-D16 motherboard running Libreboot, hosted at the FSF's datacenter rack in Somerville.

Trisquel 7.0 LTS Belenos

Version 7 of the Trisquel GNU/Linux distribution, codenamed Belenos after a Celtic sun god, has been released. Belenos is a Long Term Support release that will be maintained until 2019. Relevant new packages and features include:

  • Kernel Linux-libre 3.13 with lowlatency and bfq scheduling by default.
  • Custom desktop based on GNOME 3.12 fallback.
  • Abrowser 33 (a free Firefox derivative) as default browser.
    • GNU IceCat 31 available as single-click optional install from Abrowser's homepage. Complete with many extra privacy features.
  • Electrum Bitcoin Wallet preinstalled.
  • Moved to DVD format, now with 50+ languages and extra applications.
  • Improved accessibility by default.

Trisquel on a Sugar TOAST

Editions published today include the GNOME based standard edition, the LXDE mini edition, and the now officially supported Trisquel on a Sugar TOAST edition, designed for kids 0 to 12. It features the Sugar Learning environment and a preselection of educational activities.

New Website

The improvements don't stop at the software. We are also unveiling a new website theme, cleaner and more modern, to match the streamlined style of the release. This is just the first change in a series of improvements that will focus on giving the users a better community experience.

New development process

We are also making big changes to the development process, to make it easier for the community to contribute. The new code management website allows users to clone the code, hack and request their changes to be reviewed and merged. This is connected to a whole new continuous integration build system that will keep the distro up to date with less manual intervention.

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