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Forum TopicRelease announcement: Trisquel 9.0.1 Etiona security update quidam4320 weeks 6 days ago
Forum TopicVPN EXTENSION SabirSaleem90321 weeks 1 day ago
Forum TopicLinux-libre Super Long-Term Support (SLTS)? jxself721 weeks 2 days ago
Forum TopicIn which Reddit is sure the FSF does nothing Lef4221 weeks 2 days ago
Forum TopicWhat wifi card should I buy and where? (For a Thinkpad T530) loola821 weeks 3 days ago
IssueRemove 9wm from purge list Legimet522 weeks 4 hours ago
IssueKindly include 'GNU IceCat' package in Trisquel 9.0 GNU/Linux repository. lap4fsf322 weeks 8 hours ago
IssueImport open-ath9k-htc-firmware from Debian Legimet322 weeks 1 day ago
IssueAdd Mame package to Trisquel repository Minsc422 weeks 5 days ago
Forum TopicCanon printers reject Canon ink cartridges that were distributed without chips muhammed1623 weeks 1 day ago
Forum TopicFaliling to update 3quel OS & downloading software gnuTqPpantr3523 weeks 1 day ago
IssueSuper Tux Kart -> Super Freedo Kart? Lef223 weeks 4 days ago
Forum TopicLXDE Desktop Environment. SabirSaleem901123 weeks 5 days ago
Issuemajor-security-compromise zed6250323 weeks 5 days ago
Forum Topicmajor security compromise zed6250624 weeks 5 hours ago
IssueComplete 'clicktoplay' web pages in Trisquel website and Libreplanet wiki. lap4fsf324 weeks 6 hours ago
Issuesetup build environment fail mixalis_t424 weeks 1 day ago
IssueRemove obsolete helpers in flidas Legimet524 weeks 1 day ago
Issue[GNU FSDG] 'Get More Tools' in 'Web Developer' submenu of Abrowser opens Firefox Add-ons website. lap4fsf1024 weeks 1 day ago
Issuecautious-launcher carries you to an ubuntu webpage Daniel Molina524 weeks 1 day ago
IssueRe-include Scilab Legimet324 weeks 1 day ago
Forum Topicasian characters appearing in abrowser without locale package installed eric231124 weeks 3 days ago
Forum TopicMicrosoftization bandicooty981224 weeks 6 days ago
Forum TopicTrisquel updates. SabirSaleem90825 weeks 4 days ago
Forum TopicI am not satisfied with KDE, Mate and LXDE. I want an OS with a tiling window manager and nothing more. muslim51025 weeks 4 days ago