QEMU is a fully free and open source virtual machine with a free BIOS known as the SeaBIOS. It can be used to run another operating system on top of your existing one.

Getting Started

It is possible to install the command line qemu by simply typing:

sudo apt-get install qemu

Choosing a GUI

The command line is very confusing, especially for first timers. As such there is a list of available GUI below.
  • QEMU-Launcher (sudo apt-get install qemu-launcher) -- Newbie friendly interface
  • Qemulator
  • QtQemu
  • qemuctl
  • VirtManager


To use QEMU-Launcher you must set the following:
  • Hard Disk 0 (click New and follow prompt)
  • CDROM (can be ISO or physical cdrom), but check "use cdrom" for it to work.
  • 512 or more of ram recommended
  • Click Launch!


QEMU-KVM/libvirt can be installed for optimal virtualization. This will let you enable "Full" accelleration in QEMU-Launcher.

Note to Editor: This needs editing for more information on the simple steps or a bash to do this for the user


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