The cure for cancer was covered up

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The Planet The cure for cancer was covered up

Treatment suppressed since 1930s

Reprinted with permission from Barry Lynes

It has been a secret for many years --more than 50 years in fact. It is a secret that is a shame of the medical profession and another example of complacent press, another example of a scientific conspiracy that resembles more a medieval guild protecting its financial interests than a profession dedicated to public service, and another example of a political system afraid to promote the public good when it clashed with powerful elites.

This story also demonstrates how apathetic, asleep, cowardly and unwilling so many individuals, especially the self-righteous "new agers," actually are when given the opportunity to take real initiatives which could rectify monstrous wrongs.

The secret is the cancer cure.

Before detailing this fundamental wrong, it is important to emphasize what 50 years of covering up a cancer cure has meant in terms of suffering. Almost every family in America has been touched by the horror of lingering deaths by cancer. Those who haven't been directly affected have known neighbors and friends who have been the victims of both the disease and the arrogant scientists, government bureaucrats and financial elites who are responsible. Children have been among the many millions who have not only been abandoned to cancer's excruciating pain and protracted terror, but to existing, stupid, torturous, experimental procedures which don't work. In a word, the American medical and political "establishment" are guilty of gross misconduct.

Our nation is premised upon democratic procedures, checks and balances, competition, and the correction of abuses through open discussion which lead to institutional change. In the matter of this 50 year old cancer cure, all of the above have not worked. The cancer cure was suppressed. Agencies, both public and private, were not responsive. The cost in human lives and wasted resources has been staggering. A Vietnam War, the countless annual deaths in automobile accidents, or' the lives prematurely ended because of inferior nutrution caused by poverty together cannot match the number who have died horribly because America's culture could not expose and then break the vested interests which perpetrated this crime. And if Colorado Governor Lamm's figures are correct, one-third of Americans now living will die of cancer in the future. Americans tion of committed scientitst, and to promote the needed public education. So perhaps finally -~ if enough of us insist on it -- America's institutional ability to correct this outrage can be demonstrated. But don't hold your breath. Without a major, on-going, public commitment and a national authority to oversee the effort and report regularly on the progress being. made, it is unlikely that swift, significant remedies will occur.

In another article in this issue (The Timid Press, Page 1), syndicated columnist Mary McGrory's acceptance speech upon receiving the Lovejoy journalism award is reported. In that talk, Ms. McGrory advocated that readers read their papers "with the idea of doing something." In a similar vein, the article on the changing weather and the scientific cover up involved, science philosopher Paul Feyerabend is quoted when he calls for "duly elected committees of laymen" to judge the efforts and recommendations of scientists.

Certainly, if anything deserves both the individual reader's commitment as well as participation in oversight committees, it is the investigation into this cancer cure and the development of procedures to bring this cancer cure into practical use as fast as possible.

This story is somewhat technical, but the complicated scientific details will be omitted in order that you, the reader, can grasp the essentials. The specifics can be checked elsewhere and it is hoped that enough of you --including experts capable of initiating action will do so. A mobilization is required, for not only cancer. but AIDS and many other diseases threatening us are potentially capable of being eradicated if we, the people of the United States, get off our collective asses.

In the 1920s a scientist-inventor named Royal Raymond Rife invented a new kind of microscope. In an article New Age Journal March produced little from New readers), the story of Rife's cancer cure was detailed. Since then, Rife has been nominated for the "Alternative Nobel Prize" which is annually awarded in Europe as a protest to the more established, less risk taking Swedish honor. Yet, little notice of Rife and his miraculous discovery has infiltrated the establishment m consciousness.

Rife's microscope was a stunning advance. Unlike the electron microscope, Rife's microscope made it possible to study "living" bacteria, viruses, and so forth. An electron microscope kills its specimens. Rife's remarkable breakthrough used a new approach to bend light. As a result, Rife was able to prove that bacteria could change their form. In effect, they could become cancer causing viruses.

Rife then implanted his cancer-causing bacteria into rats. Tumors subsequently developed. From here, Rife made the startling discovery that the bacteria could change into a completely different form if the "medium on which they were living" was slightly altered. In other words, Rife's cancer causing substance was, in some forms and in association with some environments within the body, deadly. But in other forms and in other environments, benign. His cancer causing substance could be changed back and forth from one to the other. The implications of this discovery are obvious. Cancer cells might be transformed to healthy cells again!

Rife then began beaming different frequencies of light on these microorganisms. Up until the early 1950s, Rife perfected this method. As Christopher Bird reported in the New Age article, "many lethal those of tuberculosis, typhoid, leprosy . . . appeared to disintegrate or 'bIow up' in the field of his microscope." This "death ray" was applied to cancers in rats. It worked!

The next step was humans. The result? Here is Rife's report: "The first clinical work on cancer was completed under the supervision of Milbank Johnson, M.D., which was setup under a special medical research committee of the University of Southern California. Sixteen cases were treated at the clinic for manv tvpes of malignancy. After three months, fourteen of these so-called hopeless cases were signed off as clinically cured by a staff of medical doctors and Alvin G. Foord, M. D., pathologist for the group.

Throughout the 1930's, Rife and associates continued their work. In 1940, Arthur W. Yale, M.D. reported that Rife's discoveries were an entirely new theory of the origin and cause of cancer, and the treatment and results have been so unique and unbelievable" that we' may be able to "eliminate the second largest cause of deaths in the United States."

But it was not to be!

There were powerful doctors whose careers were based on the theory that bacteria could not change its form. Rife's discovery threatened their status and their own research. (It was like the invention of the automobile for a horse-drawn carriage driver.)

One of these "authorities" was Dr. Thomas Rivers of the Rockefeller Institute. Another was Harvard microbiologist Dr. Hans Zinsser. The cancer cure was killed by the powerful.

One of Rife's supporters, Dr. Edward C. Rosenow, a pioneer bacteriologist, sadly commented at the end of his life, "They simply won't listen."

Others have followed Rife and have confirmed different aspects of his theory, but since they are few in number and are promoting a cause contrary to the medical establishment's approved philosophy, they are not supported. Even publishing their findings is difficult if not impossible because of the dominant medical orthodoxy which has reigned since the 1930s!

Christopher Bird's 1976' New Age Journal article contained a, summation of the political coverup as perceived by the Lee Foundation of Nutritional Research in Milwaukee. According to Bird, the Lee Foundation "maintains that Rife, his microscope and his life work were tabooed by Ieaders in the U.S. medical profession and that any medical doctor who made use of his practical discoveries was stripped of his privileges as a member of the local medical society."

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still bans treatments similar to those of Rife.

And how many millions of dollars are annually "invested" in the establishment's preferred quackery and toururous gimmicks?

Those interested in pursuing this matter, which as a first step means forming a national committee of scientists, administrators, "can-do-types" and laymen to monitor and correct this crime are encouraged to contact The Planet. Perhaps citizen action is not entirely dead in this country yet.

Or have we truly lost our nerve, our fighting spirit, and our 1776 contempt for aristrocracy assuming dictatorial rights over our bodies and minds?

Barry Lynes

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Up until the the late 1940's, many of these cancer cures were published in medical journals, but were largely ignored because of a lack of media coverage. The petroleum and poison manufacturing companies that were expanding their empire by branching into the medical and pharmaceutical industries wanted to continue unabated with their monetary accumulation. These and many other cures were kept quiet. I did a research paper during university in the 1970's and discovered hard-copies of published research papers in the university library. But, they were hidden away in the basement archives, and were never copied or converted to digital media for the public.

War, sickness, and death are the highest return investments for the banking families. Most information fed to people thru mass media is a complete fabrication, but it really does not matter what they do, once we free our minds from the illusions. :)

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can you list your sources for this info?

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Please, google it, exactly what the title of the article says.

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i did not google it i used a different search engine
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You got it!