Pavel Durov Telegram CEO | Tucker Carlson LIVE Interview

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se unió: 09/28/2023

Hi all . After seven years of silence, the founder of the telegram messenger gave an interview to Tucker Carlson.

I personally was interested in hearing, especially about how in America FBI agents were constantly watching and coming to his home, which makes me think that in this country 200% not a single free software or kernel developer can be without surveillance and under pressure and not give information to these structures when a request is received!
The developer's location is very important! In my opinion, Latin America or Dubai are probably the best places for this. There is also interesting information about the fact that all the Google and Apple corporations we know are government informants, which is not new information...

Whatever Pavel said in his interview that his messenger is the most free, I do not use it for personal information and do not recommend it to anyone? Why ? The answer is very simple, today and yesterday technology allows you to communicate without a phone number, email or personal information. If the messenger asks you to register by phone number, ignore it, this also applies to signal, etc.

se unió: 12/20/2023

I did not yet watch the video but I see it may also be archived at

and have a torrent file

I think Telegram has a free client but a proprietary server.

Though I do not yet use it the Matrix program may have both a client and server that are freedom supporting and are available as source and binary in Trisquel's repository.

There are also other freedom supporting software in Trisquel that can help.

I think Invidious may help people see youtube videos though Peertube may help people host videos.

I do not know much about Invidious (for youtube) or/and PeerTube (for hosting without the need for 3rd parties) also though.

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It's important to point out that "free" is an ambiguous term. To my knowledge to Telegram "free" means that it's free of direct costs and in the sense that you can communicate with people that you may not reach over X, Facebook and other proprietary services some people use these days, freely, because they try and mostly succeed in circumventing regulations by simply not working with other governments than the UAE. They promote themselves as the keeper of free speech and to a certain extend they seem to be because they have learned to "work the system" very well. You'd have to trust that claim, because they don't back it up in the way they operate or are set up in technical terms.

Telegram may be a good business model, and it certainly is a widely used service. However, it doesn't promote anything people from the FLOSS community would stand for because it's proprietary and under control of a single entity which you have to trust not to spy on you.

By choosing another service that works with free/libre/open protocols and rely on a single provider of service (i.e. federated services like email or XMPP) you can be in charge of your data and if unhappy with the provider of this service, move elsewhere and/or go down the rabbit hole of self-hosting altogether.

se unió: 09/28/2023

Thanks for your opinion. This is exactly what I meant, that is, the unknown, or as you wrote: You will have to believe this statement... Why do I need such an argument in a technical environment?

Facebook also said this many times)) Believe us)) And then they were caught collecting user data.

If you in the technical world use the argument to believe or not to believe, then our affairs are very bad)) Numbers and code are what you need to believe in. They never lie, unlike people! If a program is written by developers so that others can read it, I and other users or developers can check it, then I can believe it.

My second argument is why you DO NOT need to use telegram for personal correspondence or sensitive or business information, because Telegram is the same as Oil! You become dependent, this is a big problem, you are being pulled into a place where you own nothing and can’t do anything!

I don’t need services that require registration by phone, this is garbage!