Re: Full disk encryption (including /boot) Luks2+argon2id

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Ignacio Agulló
se unió: 07/30/2019

O 2024-02-08 08:37, escribiu:
> Hi all . I wanted to ask the community if it is possible to install
> Trisquel with full disk encryption (including /boot) Luks2+argon2id.

Yes, it is. If you visit Trisquel's website and click the
"documentation" link on the top bar, you'll get to the "Documentation"

There, you'll find a link that says "Our Documentation will help you
explore your options", and you'll think "I thought I was at the
Documentation place already", but you'll click on it anyway and arrive
to the "All Manuals" page:

There, you'll find a link that says "Installing with an encrypted
drive", click on it and arrive to the "Full Disk Encryption Install"

Yes, it is documented for Trisquel 5.0, but trust me, it is almost the
same for Trisquel 11.

Kind regards,
Ignacio Agulló.