keyboard changes often by itself after reboot to default english one

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I have nearly at every bootup of the system the problem, thats the keyboard layout is wrong again. When i set it correctly in settings, it is working till i shutdown the system. When i boot up again, its wrong. I have to then use for example the buttons up/down in the settings where you set the keyboard to set first an other one and then set the correct one back again. So it seem that the keyboard, that is been set, gets overriten every boot and that fails some times.
Additional info: The error comes maybe because of the slow system i am using here. The startup script have maybe to wait longer or something else. Dont know how its been realized in the system.

Jue, 04/16/2015 - 14:54

Same issue reported by French users of Trisquel 7.0 LTS:

I wrote this workaround that will work for each reboot:

- English how to. Example wrote for "Azerty" keyboard (used for french):
"System settings" > "Startup Applications" > "Add" > "Name: french keyboard", "Command: setxkbmap fr" > "Add".

- French how to :
"Paramètres système" > "Applications au démarrage" > "Ajouter" > "Nom: french keyboard", Commande: "setxkbmap fr" > "Ajouter".

Note: I think that the issue has nothing to do with the slowness of your computer.

Vie, 07/17/2015 - 15:03

I've been having the same issue.

According to a thread on AskUbuntu, another workaround is this:

Install "dconf Editor" (dconf-editor) (if you don't already have it). Open it, then open desktop -> ibus -> general. Now enable the property "use-system-keyboard-layout". (You want it to have a checkmark next to it.)