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Forum TopicThanks to Trisquel and thinkpenguin and all the GNU/Linux community .... Abjectio0Hace 5 años 7 semanas
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Forum TopicEncrypt home directory after install Abjectio9Hace 5 años 26 semanas
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Forum Topici just HATE modern website design quantumgravity20Hace 6 años 6 semanas
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Forum TopicDebian Jessie soon out ... Trisquel? Abjectio4Hace 6 años 12 semanas
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Forum TopicI need a program to make a poster. a_slacker_here9Hace 6 años 23 semanas
Forum TopicPlay and rip DVD Abjectio5Hace 6 años 24 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel 7 will be released next week. akfoss47Hace 6 años 24 semanas
Forum TopicI'm thinking of installing replacing my Trisquel systems with Debian for the sake ofo wifi because I really need it right now. pogiako1234527Hace 6 años 25 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel v7 - where is my unity? Abjectio22Hace 6 años 26 semanas
Forum TopicHow to find new installed apps? Abjectio3Hace 6 años 26 semanas
Forum Topic[Abrowser] Unexpected Error, not able to sync arashkamangir8Hace 6 años 27 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel on a iMac? Abjectio17Hace 6 años 27 semanas
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Forum TopicWhy owncloud client is not in teh repo? TheAngel10Hace 6 años 27 semanas
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