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Forum Topicunable to login following software update - encrypted drive ian_nz2Hace 2 años 40 semanas
Forum TopicThe Free Software Force is calling for support Ignacio Agulló13Hace 3 años 1 semana
Forum TopicWeird text display distortions in ABrowser on Trisquel 8 strypey11Hace 3 años 5 semanas
Forum TopicSudo update to address flaw, will it be available soon on Trisquel 8? Fenderbassist2Hace 3 años 8 semanas
Forum TopicNew member Xmas11Hace 3 años 9 semanas
Forum TopicCan't access external usb drive GNUser5Hace 5 años 26 semanas
Forum TopicHow about we send a mail to the fsf, Trisquel could use some help. SuperTramp8347Hace 5 años 44 semanas
Forum TopicHappy GNU Year! GNUbahn11Hace 5 años 49 semanas
Forum TopicJust a friendly reminder that Trisquel 7.0 is not outdated albertoefg22Hace 5 años 51 semanas
Forum TopicNot booting properly (messages not displaying correctly) rcl11Hace 6 años 1 semana
Forum TopicTrisquel netbook (mini) version vanarieleyen4Hace 6 años 2 semanas
Forum TopicAn alternative to gmail Takumi1331Hace 6 años 3 semanas
Forum TopicNew security addons Triqel18Hace 6 años 4 semanas
Forum TopicYour battery status is being used to track you online Legimet14Hace 6 años 4 semanas
Forum TopicJust wanted to take a moment... Fenderbassist0Hace 6 años 8 semanas
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