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Forum TopicUpdating Linux-libre through jxself's APT-repository on Trisquel with Coreboot ao2Hace 1 año 51 semanas
Forum TopicLibiquity Taurinus X200 turns 100₂ years old pehjota3Hace 1 año 51 semanas
Forum Topict400 which libreboot rom to select? tonlee2Hace 2 años 1 semana
Forum Topicjournalctl complains bios is broken eric231Hace 2 años 6 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel security certificate has expired; Abrowser told me so amenex3Hace 2 años 15 semanas
Forum TopicMy T400 laptop restarts each 5 seconds Majin Buu7Hace 3 años 3 días
Forum Topicdmesg output: Missing free firmware (non-Free firmware loading is disable) whiteWizard2Hace 3 años 1 semana
Issuelinux-image-generic_3. depends on non-existant firmware-linux-free in Trisquel 7 Freemor3Hace 3 años 10 semanas
Forum TopicConnecting an EPSON Workforce WF 3640 Printer to Trisquel on Lenovo T400 Libreboot andrewandmelissao10Hace 3 años 12 semanas
IssueList of branding issues SirGrant18Hace 5 años 17 semanas
Forum TopicMidori won't open some websites because of security certificate problems Ra21Hace 5 años 44 semanas
IssueXfce "distributed by Xubuntu" pehjota3Hace 5 años 50 semanas
IssueUbuntu slideshow shown to user after OEM configuration pehjota0Hace 6 años 28 semanas
Issuetrisquel-recommended depends on icecat, which isn't available pehjota4Hace 6 años 47 semanas
Issue6.0-20130203 CD image too large for CDs pehjota4Hace 8 años 29 semanas