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Issueabrowser list PRISM search engines David_Hedlund1Hace 5 años 30 semanas
IssueInclude cert for devel.trisquel.info lembas3Hace 5 años 31 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] yforth (license (fixed upstream)/word to avoid) lembas13Hace 5 años 31 semanas
Forum TopicIs "packages.trisquel.info" is down/dead? Pandya4Hace 5 años 32 semanas
IssueCover art for 7 says LTS on front, STS on back lembas5Hace 5 años 32 semanas
IssueAbrowser looks ugly in KDE Legimet11Hace 5 años 32 semanas
IssueDisabled 'referer' in Abrowser breaks some logins, including launchpad.net akfoss4Hace 5 años 32 semanas
IssueLink addon pages to the list of addons lembas3Hace 5 años 34 semanas
IssueAlert users of non-free hardware lembas29Hace 5 años 34 semanas
Forum TopicRecent problem with youtube oysterboy21Hace 5 años 34 semanas
Forum TopicIs there a system-wide http proxy set in Trisquel 7? Dave_Hunt4Hace 5 años 34 semanas
IssueAbrowser is sending downloaded file information to Google kepeken1Hace 5 años 35 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser 34 "new tab page" kepeken17Hace 5 años 35 semanas
Forum TopicNon-free font(s) in the repos? davidnotcoulthard2Hace 5 años 35 semanas
Forum TopicJust installed jxself's 3.18 kernel. Few questions. t3g4Hace 5 años 35 semanas
Forum TopicI'm out of this forum! Fernando_Negro50Hace 5 años 35 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Possible bad relation between proprietary software and text-to-speech GNOME packages. anonymous19Hace 5 años 35 semanas
IssueAttached shell script 403 Forbidden lembas6Hace 5 años 36 semanas
Forum TopicInsecure download lamefun15Hace 5 años 36 semanas
IssueTrisquel signing key should be signed andrew2Hace 5 años 36 semanas
Forum Topiclong-term sustainability of Trisquel -- what if we lose core developers? akfoss22Hace 5 años 36 semanas
Forum Topicso now we ban unpopular posts? quantumgravity30Hace 5 años 37 semanas
Issue lxdm-binary load 100% cpu Mzee6Hace 5 años 37 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel v7 - where is my unity? Abjectio22Hace 5 años 39 semanas
IssueDisable Gecko Media Plugins in Abrowser Legimet4Hace 5 años 39 semanas