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Forum TopicTrisquel 9.0 Etiona is out! quidam22Hace 8 semanas 6 días
StoryTrisquel 9.0 LTS "Etiona" Screenshots quidam0Hace 13 semanas 4 días
Issue[GFSD] 'Snippets' in Abrowser Web Browser has Branding and FSDG issues. lap4fsf4Hace 14 semanas 6 días
Issue[GFSD] Advertisements in the MOTD for proprietary software. Link with steps to disable it sudoman3Hace 14 semanas 6 días
IssueSpammers be gone Cyberhawk973Hace 16 semanas 5 días
Issuevirtualbox-ose suggesting non-free recommendations (Guest Additions) icarious8Hace 1 año 1 semana
IssueAbrowser's source code editor (Orion) doesn't work Mampir6Hace 1 año 1 semana
IssueAbrowser: Enable/Disable buttons in Add-ons Manager don't reflect actual change of state when pressed Michael V. Antosha5Hace 1 año 1 semana
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Forum Topicdon't upgrade to backported network-manager or wpa-supplicant chaosmonk17Hace 1 año 12 semanas
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IssueAbrowser supports weak cipher Triple DES (3DES) aloniv2Hace 2 años 9 semanas
Issuekubuntu-desktop fails to install moaz7864Hace 2 años 9 semanas
IssueCan I make changes to improve support for Android? proninyaroslav6Hace 2 años 11 semanas
IssuePython alt-installer Pip has non-free software in its repositories Mithrandir10Hace 2 años 12 semanas
IssueList of Abrowser & Icecat issues andrew29Hace 2 años 22 semanas
IssueBy default, IceCat Shares Location-Aware Browsing information with Google Location Service. lap4fsf5Hace 2 años 30 semanas
IssueNo Handbrake in Flidas Substance20043Hace 2 años 31 semanas
Issue OTR plugin does not load in Flidas jxself3Hace 2 años 31 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Rebrand Thunderbird to Icedove or similar sudoman11Hace 2 años 34 semanas
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Issueabrowser crashes on i386 eric233Hace 2 años 35 semanas
IssueMissing dependencies for Triskel Stem3Hace 2 años 35 semanas