TinyURL Generator

This add-on allows you to generate a TinyURL for the page you are currently viewing in the background. The URL created is then copied into your clipboard so that it can be pasted into e-mails or IM messages instantly.
You can choose to create a direct link, or one that allows the recipient to preview the link before visiting it.

The add-on also expands any TinyURLs it finds while you are browsing the web to show you where they are going to take you, giving you more confidence to click. (Figure 3)

== Usage ==
There are several ways to generate TinyURLs:
1. Simply click the icon in the status bar at the bottom of the window. A TinyURL is created as defined in the options dialog (default is normal TinyURL)
2. Right Click the icon. This will give you the choice to create a normal TinyURL or one which is 'Previewable'. The default type is shown in bold. This can be changed using the Optioins dialogue.
3. Right Click anywhere on the page and select 'Create TinyURL for this Page' to create a TinyURL for the current page.
4. Right Click any link on a page and select 'Create TinyURL for this Link' to create a TinyURL for the link destination.
(These context menu options can be removed using the Options dialogue)
5. Use the toolbar button to create a TinyURL for the current page. To add the toolbar button, right click the toolbar, select customise and then drag the TinyURL Button onto the toolbar where you want it.

--from the Mozilla add-on page.

Test the add-on with this URL: http://tinyurl.com/36ajc9c

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TinyURL Generator
TinyURL Generator
TinyURL Generator