To be fair..

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It is good to look at Venezuelan news, since Venezuela is resistant to US hegemony.

Watching Venezuelan news, it clearly acknowledges the corona virus as a legitimate problem. However, it doesn't fear-monger like it does here. I haven't heard anything about lock-downs, or needing to wear masks from this news, although I know some people choose to wear masks.

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Even if the people don't die of COVID, they would still die from fascist tyranny. Therefore they have nothing to fear.

Thankfully, the COVID has significantly weakened the economic bases of the three prime imperialist evils (US, China, Russia). This is beneficial to next wave of communist revolution. (The first wave ended with the counter-revolutionary coup in China on Oct. 6th 1976. The last socialist country, People's Republic of China, has fallen since then.)

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I don't know what madness shaped your ideas but calling China 1976 the last socialist country?
It was with it's 9 digit murder-count one of the biggest long term genocide massacres in history and tyranny is not enough to describe the rule over the people which lives where at best hot garbage.

Maybe you should visit a real socialist country, like Sweden and update your view on what is actually good and working socialism.