can't login to Trisquel Mini 8

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I recently did the sudo apt-get update and upgrade thing

I'm trying to login to my account and i hear that water drop type sound effect ... the creen goes black momentarily and then returns me to the account login screen.

Same problem occurs when i try to login as a guest.



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After you attempt to log in and get returned to the login screen, press Ctrl+Alt+F2 and log into a TTY. Then run

$ nano .xsession-errors

and see if that file contains anything revealing (likely toward the end of the file).

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Hi chaosmonk,

I tried logging in again today; it didn't work again on my first few tries but miraculously worked once. This might be a good time to install the new Trisquel 9 and start fresh. Before I put Trisquel 9 on this computer, I might try your suggestion tomorrow just to try it.

Thanks for your help; I really appreciate it