In case you don't like the new look of abrowser/firefox version 89

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Version 89 of Firefox was released last week, along with version 89 of abrowser which is based on Firefox. Mozilla, as they often do, changed the user interface, this time making the tab bar big and fat for some unknown reason, along with some other visual changes.

If you don't like these visual changes and want to revert them, here are the changes to make in about:config -
# To get the old tab design back:

# To re-enable compact mode

# To get rid of almost all the new visual changes and go back to the way it looked in Firefox/abrowser 88:
open about:config, type “proton” and click all the enabled "proton" entries to be “false”

Hat tip to the fine folks at ghacks.

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Hat tip to you for sharing these hot tips.

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This is a really nice resource too for that. You basically can change everything with it, and it won't change when they get rid of the about:config keys

Of course, I fear it's only a matter of time that they take even that option away. The folks at Mozilla aren't big on user choice I feel.