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Hi, I'm a new member from China.
I'm an old user of Gnewsense on Yeeloong but now I need a more stable
And I want to try Trisquel.
Initially, I thought of buying the pc from ThinkPenguin but it seems
that the import taxes fees are high, so...
I tried to find information about linux libre motherboard compatibility
but I only found old info.
I don't need a graphic card because a don't play games, I only use X
window system for watch some movies on the web, and I don't use a
desktop environment.
Just use Ratpoison as my windows manager.
I need to find a good motherboard micro ATX, expandable to 32gb, with
SSD hd support.
Thank's a lot

Magic Banana

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As far as I know, the main board compatibility with Linux-libre is not an issue. Wifi is an issue if you want it (but that is completely unrelated to the main board choice).

You can pick up any Intel board and additionally enjoy the 3D acceleration provided by Intel's graphical chipset. You also want to pay attention to the processors you can plug in: you had better take an Intel processor without the vPro technology (treacherous computing). This information is easily found from Intel's website: just search the name of the processor. Do not expect a free BIOS though: as far as I know, coreboot only supports obscure (and usually obsolete) AMD boards.

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I wouldn't mind trying one of those obscure and obsolete boards =) eheh.

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Ni hao and welcome. However, if we're talking software, gNewSense is probably more stable than Trisquel at least based on their lineage (gNewSense is based on Debian and Trisquel on Ubuntu).

One way to find out if certain hardware works is to walk to computer shop with a Trisquel live CD or USB and try out the machines, if they allow you to do that.

Besides that you can try to gather general compatibility trends from However, note that this information cannot be trusted because manufacturers swap chipsets without informing the buyer.